How to keep the washroom clean without having to hire a washroom service

A washroom service is great. It’ll take the stress of keeping a clean bathroom out of your hands. However, they are an extra expense and we can’t always afford that, especially when the business is just starting.

You still want to make sure the washroom is as clean as possible, since a dirty restroom can cause you a lot of issues. So, if you follow these steps, you can totally get your bathroom as clean as if you had hired a washroom service.


Make sure whoever is going to perform the bathroom cleaning tasks always understands the hazards of the chemicals and product they are using. Make sure you employees wear protective equipment to prevent chemical splashes from getting in contact with their skin.


Have one person hired to do it. It will be cheaper than a washroom service but you still make sure the person knows what they are doing. If you use other people in your staff to do it, chances are they don’t know the proper procedures and will likely be tired and not do as good of a job.

3.Daily cleaning

Every day, yes. More than once if you can. Here’s what it involves:

- Toilets and urinals: first you flush them, then back flush them to be able to clean more of the toilet. For urinals, remove debris and clean. Apply a disinfectant solution. - High dusting: top to bottom, only once or twice a week - Trash removal: take out the trash and pick everything up - Fill out the dispensers: soap, towels, and toilet tissue - Dry floor care: dust mop starting at the farthest - Sinks and countertops: remove hair or debris and spray disinfectant - Mirrors and glass: from the bottom to the top and have one cloth only for this - Spot cleaning: special care to the most touched places in the restroom

4.Clean the equipment

To avoid cross contamination an ensure deep cleanse every time.